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Poco Nido

Snails Red Sneakers

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Supple cotton footwear with leather sole. In sizes 23 and 24, small anti-slip dots are added. A barefoot shoe (last that respects the width of the foot), minimalist (barefoot feeling) and easy to put on.

The lining and inner sole is made of comfortable cotton and behaves like a foot cover, fits under the ankle with a rubber band that makes the gathers and is easy to put on with the rear puller. A very suitable footwear to protect the foot and at the same time give it freedom of movement without interfering or modifying its gait or crawling.


Please refer to the "Size guide" tab for the correct way to measure your foot. To check the size of the model, see the attached photo in the product photo gallery (here on the left) which shows the size according to the corresponding measurement. 


Care and cleaning

It is recommended to clean the stains with a damp cloth. Do not wash in the washing machine as the sole is leather, so if you do this it will become stiff and hard and lose grip. If this happens by accident, you could try to polish the leather with a brush.