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Sandals Goby Caramel - Navy

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Goby sandals are crab sandals made by hand with breathable and soft leather.

It is a perfect model for both spring and summer. They are an excellent option for children who are learning to walk, as well as those who have already taken their first steps.

Its main objective is to emulate barefoot walking so as not to impede the natural growth of small feet. We can classify them as children's health shoes, as walking barefoot encourages proper body posture, strengthens the muscles of little feet, and prevents deformation.

. They adapt to the foot with a velcro strap. Wide last, which allows free movement of the fingers

  • Flat sole (zero drop) and super flexible 4 mm
  • Lightweight and wide toe box
  • non-existent buttress
  • Breathable thanks to the perforations it has
  • Material: Leather with natural dyes free of chrome and dyes
  • Color : Blue-Navy - Red , Caramel - Navy Blue

Zeazoo is a family business founded in Bulgaria in 2011. Made with natural leather from Europe

The design of the shoe does not allow sports in which the child brakes with the toes (scooter, racing bicycle). Despite this, they are very resistant.


Go to the tab "Size guide" to see the correct way to measure the foot. To check the size of the model, look at the attached photo in the product photo gallery (here on the left) where the size is shown according to the corresponding measurement. 

If the length of your feet is between two sizes, choose the larger one. For the Explorer, Explorer Autumn and ZIUZIU models it is recommended to add between 7-10 mm. For Coco, Lulu, Gaga and Bebe models, it is recommended to add between 6-10 mm

care and cleaning

You can use special leather products, but without abusing them, since they contain chemicals that damage the skin, so they are not recommended for daily use.

For the day to day:

Leather: Clean stains with a damp cloth. Later if the leather is damaged, use shoe paint of the same color or colorless.

Suede: First pass a brush and then clean with a damp cloth.

To make the body waterproof you can apply a special spray for waterproofing.  

All slippers are made of natural leather and do not have a leather lining inside. In this way, the inner face of the natural leather is oriented towards the feet. This is why the material may leave colored marks on your skin or on your socks several times you wear the shoes. These marks are easily removed. Shoes should not leave marks after a period of wear, until the excess leather dye has worn off naturally. It is non-toxic, can be in contact with the feet, and does not affect air circulation at all.