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My Wonderful World Illustration | Spanish

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One of Maraquela Watercolor's most loved works, both by parents and children.

My wonderful world is a poster designed to decorate the wall of the little adventurers of the house while at the same time it involves learning and spatial self-knowledge, travelling through the friendly animals that compose it.

A very cheerful, sweet and colourful illustration for children, but with very soft and unisex tones, which makes it ideal as a gift or to decorate any children's room, whether it is a boy's or girl's, even for a newborn.

The design was made using mixed media, the main medium being watercolour. The reproduction is professionally done with top quality inks on a beautiful semi-glossy paper which gives it a unique look.


Two sizes available: 50 x 70cm and 61 x 91 cm.
Both formats are available for sale online.

Available in Spanish and English