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Sambas the Bambas

Samba The Bambas - Sambalia Mar

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The Sambalia Mar by Sambas the Bambas have a 100% organic cotton canvas upper. They have an uncovered instep and lace-up fastening. They have a wide striped design in navy and white.

The interior is also lined with 100% organic cotton. Removable insoles made of hemp fiber (5mm) and a vegetable rubber sole (4mm). They are very flexible and super light.


Sambas are bambas made with biomaterials (without plastics), respectful with the planet, people and of course, your feet.

Foot-friendly: Thin, flexible sole, without inclination in the heel or unnecessary padding that isolate and insensitize the contact with the ground and, of course, enough space for the toes to do their work in freedom.

Designed in Granada and manufactured in Elche (Alicante), we are committed to local production and the highest quality



Organic cotton is that which is grown free of toxic substances such as fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides of petro-chemical origin. The seeds used are not transgenic. Water is managed more efficiently (95% of this water is rainwater and through the increase of organic matter in the soil).

It is not only good for the consumer's health, but also for the producer's health, from the farmer to the person who makes it, due to the inhalation of toxic products. It benefits the environment, respecting natural resources, reducing soil, air and water pollution. It uses techniques such as crop rotation and organic fertilizers. Compared to large cotton estates, organic cotton cultivation favors small farmers, promoting a more sustainable economy.


Go to the "Size guide" tab to see the correct way to measure your foot. To check the size of the model, use the attached image in the product photo gallery, where the size is shown according to the corresponding measurement.

The measurements on the table correspond to the last, so that you can know the length and width of the inside of our shoes. Remember that the insole is not included in these measurements.


If this is your first experience with minimalist shoes, 6-12 mm extra may be enough. Just keep in mind the insole reduction mentioned above if you are thinking of leaving a small margin (e.g. 4-5 mm over the length), as it would be too tight.

Bambas: Add +/- 1 cm to your measured length (from 6 to 15 mm) according to your taste for fit.

Sambalias: Choose the tightest size according to your length. If you are between two sizes, choose the smaller size.

Growing feet

Children's feet stretch (inside the shoe too) as they walk, run or play, and extra room is needed. Growing feet increase an average of 1 mm per month.

Keep in mind that 12 mm is the optimal space in front of the toes to allow for movement and natural foot growth; a minimum of 12 mm and a maximum of 17 mm.

Bambas: Add 1.4 to 1.8 cm over the actual measurement at your discretion.

Sambalinas: Choose the most appropriate size according to their length. If you are between two sizes, choose the smaller size.


Care and cleaning


Do not use washing machine (except for the laces, these do).

Cleaning by hand: remove the insole and remove the laces, it will be easier. 

Remove the insoles and ventilate after prolonged use. This way, the natural fibers will more easily remove excess moisture.


  1. It is advisable to dry brush off any dirt or dust first.
  2. In the case of stain or fence, use a soft brush (for fabrics) or a cloth (for vegetable skins), moisten and add a little neutral soap to clean the desired area. Then remove the soap residue with the rinsed cloth or brush and let it dry in the shade. In the case of vegetable leathers, dry with a cloth.
  3. Proceed in the same way with the surface of the insoles. In this case, the brush should be slightly moistened to avoid wetting the natural fibers on the underside. You can also go over the lining and the inner sole with the brush.

Fabrics: You can apply waterproofing suitable for fabrics. The material must be completely dry. This will give you extra protection. Apply the spray at a distance of 20cm and then distribute the product with a brush or cloth.

Vegetable leathers: Apply natural waxes or any product designed to nourish or moisturize textiles with a cloth from time to time. These materials are naturally water resistant (like any other conventional leather), but they are not repellent or waterproof. For this, you can apply waterproofing from time to time as indicated above.