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Merceditas Aurora White

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The Aurora model is a pair of leather shoes from the baby range, recommended for babies and toddlers. Its thin and flexible sole makes it perfect for little ones learning to walk.

To wear with dresses or skirts, on warmer days you can wear them with bare feet, on colder days or for more elegant looks you can wear them with socks, stockings or tights. The leather lining facilitates perspiration.


The unique velcro strap makes it very easy to put them on little feet when you are in a hurry, as well as giving complete support.

The stitching is hand stitched with European leathers offering an excellent quality finish for these first step shoes. Top quality leather that allows your skin to breathe inside or outside.

Respectful footwear that complies with the recommendations of podiatrists and pediatricians:

  •  Minimal risk of tripping or falling because the soles are non-slip.
  •  The shape of the shoes and the adjustable Velcro closure, 2 essential conditions for perfect foot support.
  •  The sole provides a "barefoot" feeling but also ensures shock absorption. Your child feels comfortable walking, unlike if he/she wears shoes with too stiff soles.
  •  Ensuring the natural growth of a child's feet is fundamental to their proper development.


Go to the "Size guide" tab to see the correct way to measure the foot. To check the size of the model, see the attached photo in the product photo gallery (here on the left) where the size is shown according to the corresponding measurement. 

TIP: the foot should measure 0.8 to 1 cm less than the measurement of the insole of the shoe.